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Hitisha Mehta

Hitisha Mehta


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Hitisha has finished TFN (Tour Of Nilgiris) in 2016 along with Manali Khardungla in 7 days in 2017.

2. Her sport & what she loves about it - Her Passion
Cycling, hiking running and travelling. The reason for her loving the sport is the freedom it gives her. The possibility of discovering new places and in her words, 'the urge to cover the heights!'

3. What got her started - How the journey began
Hitisha wanted a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Sports gave her the breath of fresh air she wanted (pun intended!)

4. Her fitness mantra
'Wake up early and get on your saddle. Play your mind and tame it well'

5. Biggest sport challenge
As someone who looks forward to the future, Hitisha believes there are many challenges to come her way and she looks forward to an early SR (Super Ranndounear) and many races she wants to strike from her bucket list!

6. Favorite sport memory
A lot of favorite memories with the common theme of discovering the beauty of nature while of wheels while savouring the freedom.

7. What she'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Hitisha suggests to tame your mind and don't let it rule you. She believes that you have all that you need in you and we just need to give that little push that will help us cross our own limits! She says to not limit yourself as there is no limit out there.

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
Reload. Hitisha says, 'It seriously helps me to beat the heat and keeps me going'

9. What her normal training day looks like
Hitisha's weekly training is 300KM on the road which includes 2 hours on the road riding around 60KM everyday and weekends she crosses over 100+ KM! Some serious fitness goals from this inspirational athlete!

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
She loves places where there is no traffic and climbs to challenge her. Hitisha loves the mountains and would choose training there any day!

11. Everyday fitness diet
Eat right & burn it right.

12. Her fitness inspiration
In Hitisha's words, 'Challenge yourself daily and be better than your best.'
Truly brilliant people to take inspiration from!

13. Her biggest motivation
Seeing people around her motivates her and makes her want to work harder. Hitisha believes there is much more for her to achieve and that is her biggest motivation.

14. What pushes her to the finish line
The feeling of completion and the happiness of getting herself there is what pushes Hitisha.

15. One goal she'd like to achieve
Way to many in her list and hence she says she believes in letting her actions do the talking

16. Importance of sports nutrition in her life
In Hitisha's words, 'They are my craving and my reason why I wake up every morning'

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Hooray! Shop for above Rs. 2000 get flat 20% off & Italian sipper! *Not applicable on Coupon applied Orders*