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Geeta S Rao

Geeta S Rao


Name - Geeta S Rao

Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

No achievement can be bigger than Life-Achievement! It was, when I was just three, a doctor told me that I may never able to walk. And later, my family came to know that I had polio infection that had spread to most of my body, after getting an injection from a doctor on my high fever. The life that followed was full of pain and struggles for both me and my family. Nonetheless, my family went out of their way to show & explain to me that despite being differently-abled, I could do and achieve all that I wanted to. They raised me same like my other siblings and built my self-confidence. I became self – dependent, not only physically, but mentally & socially too, doing everything I ever wanted to. From standing my own legs to Trekking, to Bungee Jumping, to Paragliding, to Walk-through-fire, to Cycling, to Sea-Swimming, to become a Triathlete is not just a magic but the unconditional love & sacrifice of family, strong will and sheer dedication to chase my dreams and unimaginable desire to become para-athlete !

KEY AWARDS / FELICITATION : Limca Book of Record – First Differently-Abled Super Randonneur of India, earned the title in 43 days completing series of 200 KM, 300 KM, 400 KM & 600 KM Brevets Limca Book of Records, 2017 - National Record Holder for Olympic Triathlon & 70.3 Triathlon attempt (Differently-Abled Triathlete with Leg-Disability) India Book of Records – First Differently-Abled Super Randonneur of India Felicitation by Indian Army – Gujarat Region for being Inspiration to their Young Cadets – December 2018 “Iron Lady – Jewel of Cyclone” awarded by Cyclone Cycling Club, Ahmedabad, May 2018 Felicitation for Completing Super Randonneur Series 2017-18 in 43 Days, by Cyclone Cycling Club, May 2018 Women’s Day Special Recognition by Dena Bank, March 2018 WWWW.Felicitation by Public Relations Society of India, March 2018 Sports Genius of the Year 2017, Genius Indian Achiever’s Award by Genius Foundation & World Records India Path Breakers 2017, Felicitation by CII’s Young Indians National Summit

My Sport


What I love about my Sport -

It gives me wings to fly :)

What got me started (How the journey began)

On 14th Feb 2016, I could not ride 200 meters cycle and the journey began

My fitness mantra 

If there is a will, there is a way! Our body may be limited, but it’s our spirit that’s Unstoppable!

Biggest sport challenge 

Setting legs on pedal and minimize physical injuries, solo journey due to speed and situations were like either do or die. Whenever I have chosen courage in the face of fear, I defied the things that hold me back from greatness!

Favourite sport memory 

My first century cum first cycling race, the Impossible Race of 115 KMs in Polo Forest which I attempted on 20th Mar'16. That time I was not even a Cyclist, not knowing much about the type of races and had an impression that it will be a flat-terrain ride. When I started riding on it, I realized, it was a very high-elevated tough cycling race. Just in initial 25 kms, I fell, I screamed, I crawled, I cried, I crashed, I broke, I hurt and my body surrendered with unconsciousness. But my stubborn mind rose again only because quitting was not acceptable to me. I did not quit and finished not only the race but won life’s first special athletic prize. It was my first century & my first cycling race, which proved me as I’m Possible!

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts

Strength never come from our body. Hence, embrace every possibility that’s waiting for you. Chase your dreams and Build a better you.

My favourite Fast&Up fuel 

Energy Gel (Chocolate), BCAA (Lime & Lemon)

What my normal training day looks like

Early mornings!!! Due to my physical disability, I need to spend minimum 2 hours every day on myself with different exercises, meditation & core training now. It's my routine since last 3 decades without affecting personal & professional life.

Favourite place to train 

Any natural place where I find lot of greenery, peace, water, chirping of birds & fresh air!

My everyday fitness diet 

Homely Cooked Food, Fruits, Raw Vegetables, Ghee & Organic Jaggery

My fitness inspiration 

My wonderful Family who sacrificed a lot for me since my childhood and always supported and motivated me!

My biggest motivator 

My Mountaineer Sister who completed world's 5 summits out of 7

What pushes me to the finish line?

Forget Failures, You will miss Every Chance of Success when you don’t try!

One goal that i'd like to achieve 

I cannot run, so running once in life, doesn't matter even if it is pure jogging; is life-goal! With cycling, one desired goal is to bring some pride for nation in Paralympic Games!

Importance of sports nutrition in my life 

Sports Nutrition plays equal key role like training to achieve any goal for me.

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Hooray! Shop for above Rs. 2000 get flat 20% off & Italian sipper! *Not applicable on Coupon applied Orders*