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Vanitha VR

Vanitha VR


  1. Birthday - 19.07.1990
  2. Career Highlights - Representing India for the World Cup (2016)
  3. My Sport - Cricket
  4. What I love about my Sport - Skillful
  5. What got me started - Gully cricket and the fun factor
  6. My fitness mantra - Grind, eat well ,sleep, recover and repeat
  7. Biggest sport challenge - The intensity
  8. Favorite sport memory - Australia series 2016
  9. What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Set a fitness goals, start small make it a habit and stay motivated for that you need to do right things. So seek advice from experts
  10. My favorite Fast&Up fuel - Reload and rapid gels
  11. What my normal training day looks like - I train around 3 hours a day of fitness and practice around 3 hours
  12. Favorite place to train - Invictus performance lab
  13. My everyday fitness diet - I mix it up with nice complex carbs , protein , fibre and a lot of veggies and fruits . Also I make sure I hydrate well with 4 litres of water
  14. My fitness inspiration - Serena Williams , Mithali Raj and roger federer
  15. My biggest motivator - Roger Federer
  16. What pushes me to the finish line - That thought that I thrive to wear those India colours and represent the country
  17. One goal that i'd like to achieve - Represent the country in World Cup
  18. Importance of sports nutrition in my life - It's very important. I would say it's about 90 percent of it because if we fuel in right nutrition the performance is better also the recovery is faster. It's important to keep the nutrition part as a top priority