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Taniya Bhatia

Taniya Bhatia


  1. Birthday - 28.11.1997
  2. Career Highlights - In span of 11 months to have achieved most number of stumpings for the Indian team
  3. My Sport - Cricket
  4. What I love about my Sport - The challenges and the stages of game.
  5. What got me started - My family
  6. My fitness mantra - Healthy eating, monitored training and a very good recovery.
  7. Biggest sport challenge - On a surface which is not conducive for stroke making to adapt quickly to such situations itself is a challenge and also representing India for the World Cup.
  8. Favorite sport memory - My debut half century against Sri Lanka.
  9. What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Eat healthy , train hard , hydrate , sleep and wear a smile. 
  10. My favorite Fast&Up fuel - Reload berry flavour
  11. What my normal training day looks like - It's a combination of skill and fitness
  12. Favorite place to train - Bangalore
  13. My everyday fitness diet - It contains high protein high fat and good mix of veggies with complex carbohydrates.
  14. My fitness inspiration - Vanitha VR
  15. My biggest motivator - Vanitha VR
  16. What pushes me to the finish line - I set my goals, I set my priorities right and the desire to wear the Indian colours and head held high.
  17. One goal that i'd like to achieve - To contribute in the victory and help the team to win the World Cup.
  18. Importance of sports nutrition in my life - It plays a major role in terms of recovery, energy system, performance, power, and also a happy life.