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Shikha Pandey

Shikha Pandey


'The complete player!' is what many pundits and viewers like to call this 28 year old all-rounder from the state of Goa. She has helped the cricket team of Goa to win the Plate Group Championship. She boasts of being the first ever Indian female cricketer to have scored 50 runs and taken 3 wickets in an ODI match, in 2014, against South Africa. She is the 3rd top wicket taker as per ICC rankings. She is also the leading wicket taker in the BCCI Women's One Day League. Her dedication towards building a career in cricket instead of working for one of the MNCs has bared plenty of fruit. In the ICC women's World Cup, 2017, she played an integral role in India's climb to the Finals after 12 years. In the semi-final against Australia, she was a revelation where she took 2 wickets and gave away a mere 17 runs. She began playing cricket at the age of 5. She made her test debut in 2014 against England and she also made her ODI debut a week after. After the gloves come off, she puts on her IAF suit and helps in keeping our country a safe place. Her coaches and peers have often commended her for her ability to balance out her job with IAF and representing India on the global cricketing stage.

She is an athlete who continues to surprise her opponents, coaches and pundits. In her journey to the top of the cricketing world, we are proud to fuel her!

Fl Lt Shikha Pandey, welcome to the Fast&Up family! We couldn't be happier to have you in our Fast&Up Fitsquad.