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KS Bharat

KS Bharat


Name : Kona srikar Bharat

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

Current India A

My Sport -  


What I love about my Sport -

It teaches a lot of things which will be helpful in every walk of life.

What got him started:How the journey began

Playing in my gully where my parents found the love I have for the game.

My fitness mantra 

I'm doing it for myself.

Biggest sport challenge 

Perform to the best ability according to the situations.

Favourite sport memory 

Nothing so far. But I embrace all outcomes.

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

Everyone are different and the training methods are so too. I honestly appreciate the work and sweat which goes behind each individual in order to see where they want to stand. Just keep going and appreciate your efforts.

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel 

BCAA, fish oils and recover!

What his normal training day looks like:

Whole body strength session

Favourite place to train 

Anywhere but a quiet place.

His everyday fitness diet

Except for refine sugars and sweets I eat everything.

His fitness inspiration 

No one in particular but I like myself to be strong and quick which will help me play my sport.

His biggest motivator


What pushes him to the finish line:

I focus more on the path and stick to process rather than thinking about the future. So staying in the present and doing what I need to do at that particular time pushes me to the point.

One goal that he'd like to achieve:

I don't like to share it with anyone. Sorry .

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

Yeah it allows me to be fresh after an intense training day. To recover faster for the next day so my performance is optimum. With discipline nutrition my body takes the load and holds me good while going the extra mile.

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Please note that there will be a delay in the dispatch due to the current situation of Covid-19

Please note that there will be a delay in the dispatch due to the current situation of Covid-19