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Baba Indrajith

Baba Indrajith


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Indrajith has played for India A, Tamil Nadu Ranji team. He has captained the Ranji Team and also was the captain of Ruby Trichy Warriors in the TNPL. He played for India Red at the Duleep trophy.

2. His sport & what he loves about it - His Passion
Cricket (Obviously!)
He says it teaches you everything about life and how to handle success and failures.

3. What got him started - How the journey began
Passion got him started on this journey!

4. His fitness mantra
Make your body. Make your life.

5. Biggest sport challenge
To be patient and persistent when things don't go your way.

6. Favorite sport memory
Indrajiths favourite memory is scoring his first hundred in Ranji Trophy.

7. What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Indrajit says, Every journey begins with a single step. Start your journey and try to be better than what you were yesterday.

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
Fast&Up Energy Gel and Activate are what Indrajit loves to fuel his sport!

9. What his normal training day looks like
A normal training day for Indrajith would be running in the morning, gym in the afternoon and skill session in the evening. This would be the routine.

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
Anywhere, no preferences so long as Indrajith is training!

11. Everyday fitness diet
A balance of all the nutrients based on his needs and body type. It is mostly a low carb and high protein diet which includes lots of fruits and vegetables as well.

12. His fitness inspiration
Mr. Basu.

13. His biggest motivation

14. What pushes him to the finish line
His passion to achieve his goals.

15. One goal he'd like to achieve
Indrajith says, To play for my country and pick up the World Cup.

16. Importance of sports nutrition in his life
Indrajith says, Sports nutrition is very important in my life. Being an athlete you need to cover all aspects and sports nutrition is one of those important aspects.

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